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Archdale, formerly called Bush Hill, was settled by Quaker immigrants from Pennsylvania and Bush River, South Carolina, in the mid-eighteenth century. The community quickly became close-knit due to a common locale and religion.

The 129-mile-long Fayetteville and Western Plank Railroad, built in the 1850s, passed through Bush Hill, encouraging commerce and communication with other parts of the state. By the time of the War Between the States, Bush Hill had become quite a manufacturing center, so much so that the governor nicknamed it the “Beehive of Industry.”

A major tannery located here, and due to a contract established between the tannery owner and the Confederate government, Bush Hill became known as “The Shoe Capital of the Confederacy,” producing shoes and leather goods for the Southern troops. With the construction of a major railroad a few miles away, post-war manufacturing gradually moved to the fledgling town of High Point. Bush Hill, whose name became Archdale in 1886 to honor early Quaker governor John Archdale, became more rural, a suburb of small farms and businesses.

The town charter was allowed to lapse in 1924. After several decades, Archdale again began to feel the need for self-government and a desire to control its own destiny. In July 1969, the town once again incorporated, electing Henry J. York Sr., as mayor. In the years that followed, Archdale has grown in both area and population and can boast of many amenities offered to its residents.

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