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The Keyauwee Indians were the primary inhabitants of northwestern Randolph County in the late 1700s traversing the fertile hunting grounds along the Deep and Uwharrie rivers. Amid a triumvirate of Keyauwee, Eno and Saura tribes, tax records indicated the residency of nearly twenty-five English and Dutch farming families in the Trinity region prior to the 1780s.

Early residents were mostly Methodist and advocated literacy by formalized classroom instruction. By 1838, Brown’s Schoolhouse, a one-room private school, was flourishing in the community. Union Institute was founded in 1839, melding the Methodist majority and Quaker minority populations. Led by Methodist minister and President Braxton Craven, the Institute became Normal College in 1851 and Trinity College in 1859. In 1892, Trinity College was relocated to Durham; in 1924, it was renamed Duke University.

In Trinity, the College building was reformed as Trinity High School, a preparatory school for the Durham campus. It later became a public high school. A plaque marks the site of Brown’s Schoolhouse on Surrett Drive, less than a mile from Trinity High School. Victorian boarding houses once used as Trinity College dormitories, as well historic homes of professors and prominent citizens, line N.C. 62 and serve as lasting reminders of the community’s rich heritage.
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