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Why Here?

TRIAD - A Major Supply-Chain Cluster

  • Over 60,000 employed in the Triad supply-chain cluster

  • The 3rd densest concentration of of Interstates in the US

  • One of the very few areas in the Southeast with double-tracked rail line

  • One of the fastest growing inland ports in eastern US

  • Two of the largest sort facilities in the US (UPS and FedEx)

  • Over 5 million s.f. of distribution facilities

  • Headquarters of many trucking companies

  • Home to one of the largest fashion distribution operations

  • High school to graduate school supply-chain programs

    provided by: Charles Edwards, NC Center for Global Logistics

Archdale-Trinity Chamber of Commerce
213 Balfour Drive Archdale, NC 27263
336-434-2073 Fax: 336-431-5845
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