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Workplace Wellness
The Workplace Wellness Committee formed to support our Chamber members who want to keep their employees healthy! Today’s unprecedented health challenges – including chronic diseases like obesity and hypertension – can lead to a decline in the overall health of employees in a workplace, contribute to an increase in health-related expenses for employers and employees, and lead to lower productivity and days of work missed. Employers committed to supporting healthy behaviors and improving health outcomes for their workers now have a powerful ally in the Workplace Wellness Committee! The committee aspires to be a one-stop conduit for information and resources on workplace health and a facilitator of fun events, challenges, and strategies that our local employers can readily adopt and take part in – all in the name of reduced absenteeism, heightened productivity, and overall good health.
Archdale Creekside Park Walking Trails
Center for Disease Control – www.cdc.gov
Health & Human Services – www.hhs.gov
National Institutes of Health – www.nih.gov
National Cancer Institute – www.cancer.gov
American Lung Assn – www.nutrition.gov
Nutrition – www.nutrition.gov
American Dietetic Assn – www.eatright.org
Mayo Clinic – www.mayoclinic.com
American Diabetes Assn – www.diabetes.org
Women’s Health – www.healthywomen.org
Pediatric Health – www.healthychildren.org
Fitness – www.acefitness.org
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