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Welcome to the Archdale-Trinity Chamber of Commerce.

The Archdale-Trinity Chamber of Commerce is the one organization in the community that is in the best position to make good things happen.

We have a rich heritage as an association of businesses, organizations and individuals who want to make things better – our schools, our transportation system, our environment and our quality of life.

Due to circumstances surrounding the Corona Virus many of our in-person events & programs are available via MS Teams online platform. Make sure to read the Friday Facts to get the link(s). If you have any questions contact us.
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Contact your elected officials:
Ted Budd
Richard Burr
Thom Tillis
Sen. David Craven, Jr.: 919-733-5870
Rep. Allen McNeill: 919-715-4946
Rep. Pat Hurley: 919-733-5865

Archdale-Trinity Chamber of Commerce
213 Balfour Drive Archdale, NC 27263
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