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Halo, Susan Capital Bank (336)861-6316(336)861-6337 
Halo, Susan Archdale-Trinity Women of Resource and Knowledge (A-T WORK) (336)861-6316(336)861-6337 
Hames, Terry Sechrest Funeral Service (336)861-4389(336)861-6614 
Hamilton, Angie Trinity Furniture, Inc. (336)472-6660(336)475-0037 
Hamilton, Carol The Wet Whistle (336)434-3223 
Hankins, Danny K I - High Point (336)434-5011(336)861-5715 
Hardy, Ann Novant Health Thomasville Medical Center (336)472-2000(336)476-2534 
Harllee, Janet Cross Road Retirement Community (336)629-7811(336)629-6264 
Harris, Karen Archdale Bakery (336)431-7437 
Harrison, John Trinity Computer Service (336)880-8822 
Hartley, Rick Jones Frame Inc (336)434-2531(336)431-0850 
Hassan, Abed Zaxby's (336)991-5756 
Hayes, Kathryn Kathryn W. Hayes, CPA, PA (336)861-4892(336)861-8814 
Haywood, L. Stanley Randolph County Government (336)819-3302(336)318-6853 
Hayworth, Lisa Randolph County Partnership for Children (336)629-2128(336)629-2135 
Heath, Seth Waste Industries, LLC (336)668-3712(336)665-9509 
Hefferin, Cathy Randolph Community College (336)633-0200(336)629-4695 
Heider, Jeanine High Point Regional UNC Healthcare (984)974-6412(336)878-6710 
Heim, Marty Marty Designs (336)674-9399 
Henderson, Principal Todd Trindale Elementary School (336)434-1516(336)434-2508 
Hensley, Dana Hubbell Industrial Controls, Inc. (336)434-2800(336)434-2813 
Hester, Dana Archdale Senior Adults (336)431-1938(336)431-8352 
Hill, Cortni Blind Pig Grill (336)307-3337 
Hill, Jimmy Trinity Titans (336)493-0764 
Hill, Mary Carolina Self Storage (336)434-4367(336)434-6044 
Hill, Mary Carolina Self Storage (336)434-4367(336)434-6044 
Hill, Mayor Jesse City of Trinity (336)431-2841(336)431-5079 
Hill, Pam Pam Hill (336)267-4449 
Hinson, Debbie City of Trinity (336)431-2841(336)431-5079 
Hinterberger, Kevin Better Business Bureau of Central NC (336)852-4240(336)852-7540 
Hodgin, Principal, Brian Archdale-Trinity Middle School (336)431-2589(336)431-1809 
Holden, Zeb City of Archdale (336)431-9141(336)431-2130 
Hollingsworth, Luke Holly Ridge Golf Links (336)861-4555(336)861-4556 
Hoover, Myra Heart of N.C. Visitors Bureau (336)626-0364(336)610-1023 
Hoskins, Ryan Archdale Drug Company, Inc. (336)434-2776(336)434-5441 
Housand, Patti BBQ Joe's Country Cooking & Catering (336)476-0474 
Hurley, Pat NC House Representative Pat Hurley (336)625-9210(919)754-3275 
Hutton, Alicia Sheetz Thomasville (336)476-0128(336)476-0143 

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