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Lagueruela, Jorge Trinity Furniture, Inc. (336)472-6660(336)475-0037 
Lambert, Jennifer High Point Regional UNC Healthcare (336)878-6904(336)878-6710 
Lambeth, Matthew Randolph County School Board (336)465-1960 
Lance-Stone, Mayor, Bert Archdale City Council (336)431-6924(336)431-2130 
Larson, Kristin Randolph County Senior Adults Assoc., Inc. (336)625-3389(336)626-3590 
Lassiter, Elbert Randolph Community College (336)633-0286(336)633-0104 
Lassiter, Jason Fuel Outdoor Gear (336)880-7379 
Lawing, Steve City of Trinity (336)431-2841(336)431-5079 
Leverett, Kevin Westwood Health & Rehab (336)434-2902(336)434-4601 
Lewallen, Sabrina CBIZ Flex-Pay (336)442-2199(888)640-3850 
Lockhart, Carol North State (336)886-3617(336)887-7418 
Lockhart, Rose Randolph County Family Crisis Center, Inc. (336)431-0072(336)434-4271 
Long, Chad Guil Rand Memorial Park Cemetary (336)355-1037 
Lowder, Betsy United Way of Greater High Point (336)883-4127(336)899-0896 
Lowe, Krista Randolph County Register of Deeds (336)318-6960(336)318-6970 

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