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Mabe, Michael New Life Baptist Church (336)847-2955 
Maddocks, Dr. John Dr. John Maddocks (336)973-5066 
Marsh, April CenterPointe Community Church (336)875-4088 
Mauney, Paul The Courier-Tribune (336)626-6147(336)626-7074 
McClure, Karen Sechrest Funeral Service (336)861-4389(336)861-6614 
McCrary, Shawn Brookwood Apartments (336)861-6728(336)861-0611 
McDowell, Maxton C. Randolph County Government (336)819-3302(336)318-6853 
McLaughlin, Nicki String & Splinter (336)882-8191(336)882-4878 
McNeill, Randy Davis-Martin-Powell & Assoc., Inc. (336)886-4821(336)886-4458 
Mercadante, Pastor Dave Poplar Ridge Friends Meeting (336)861-5026 
Merino Aguirre, Claudia Before M After (336)626-6911 
Miller, Ashley Hafele America Co. (336)434-2322(336)431-3831 
Miller, John Cecil & Johnson Manufacturing, Inc. (336)431-5233(336)431-5226 
Millikan, Ben Millikan Farms (336)542-7435 
Mitchell, Elizabeth United Way of Randolph County (336)625-4207(336)625-4812 
Monroe, Tonya Randolph Community College - Archdale Center (336)328-1751(336)861-8432 
Montgomery, Davis Duke Energy Carolinas (336)632-3702(336)632-3720 
Moody, Lisa Triad Eye Associates (336)434-4033(336)434-4035 
Morgan, Shane Pinnacle Financial Partners (336)433-5232(336)431-0896 
Murphy, Jane Novant Health Thomasville Medical Center (336)472-2000(336)476-2534 
Myrick, Harry Myrick Construction (910)428-2106(910)428-2483 
Myrick, Keisha Myrick Construction (910)428-2106(910)428-2483 

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