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Sands, Karen Hometown Values (336)669-4359 
Scarlett, Amber Heart of N.C. Visitors Bureau (336)626-0364(336)610-1023 
Scott, Sherri Women in Motion (336)882-3298(336)882-3293 
Scott, Teena Pinnacle Financial Partners (336)433-5232(336)431-0896 
Seabolt, Jackie Archdale-Trinity News (336)434-2716(336)883-0809 
Segers, John Quality Graphics Equipment Service, Inc. (336)431-1770 
Shaffer, Darrin Energy United Propane (919)384-5569(704)832-0104 
Sharpe, Carl Benefit Controls of the Triad (336)434-5800(336)434-5753 
Shields, Meredith Randolph Partnership for Children (336)629-2128(336)629-2135 
Shives, Allen GPC Direct (336)904-2000 
Shoe, Cindy Randolph Partnership for Children (336)629-2128(336)629-2135 
Silvers, Janet Duke Energy Carolinas (336)632-3702(336)632-3720 
Simmons, Bill Pizza Inn (336)434-2138(704)246-8766 
Sink, Dr. Mike High Point Veterinary Hospital (336)889-3832(336)889-9204 
Sink, Max E. Max Sink, DVM (336)431-3120 
Skeen, Amber Renee Heart of N.C. Visitors Bureau (336)626-0364(336)610-1023 
Slate, Abby Randolph County Farm Bureau (336)434-6550(336)434-6555 
Smith, Guy Spa Bliss Reflexology (336)307-2579 
Smith, Heather HEAG Pain Management (336)282-0132(336)434-3437 
Smith, Logan Edward Jones - Logan Smith (336)434-6696(888)251-3183 
Smith, Mia Bee Divine Boutique (336)483-1479 
Smith, Michael Randolph Health (336)625-5151(336)633-7785 
Somero, Michael Ace/Avant Concrete Construction (336)431-5852(336)431-0081 
Spainhour, Ashlee Southern Accents (336)442-6013 
Spainhour, Janice Ed Price & Associates (336)861-7653 
Spicer, Dare Randolph County Family Crisis Center, Inc. (336)431-0072(336)434-4271 
Spivey, Jay Prism Computer Services (336)889-4700(888)224-1655 
Spivey, Todd Prism Computer Services (336)493-5778(888)224-1655 
Sprouse, Walter Randolph County EDC (336)626-2233(336)626-0777 
Stanley, Cindy HPB Insurance Group (336)881-3500(336)886-2556 
Stevens, Clark Pizza Inn (336)434-2138(704)246-8766 
Stewart, John Stewart Screen Printing Inc. (336)434-4444 
Stider, Mark Randolph Community College - Archdale Center (336)328-1751(336)861-8432 
Stout, Nickie Pinnacle Financial Partners (336)881-3350(336)889-0131 
Surratt, Hal Hal Surratt, CPA, P.C. (336)861-4024(336)434-1444 
Swing, Don Ed Price & Associates (336)861-7653 

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